Here are 10 tips to help you sell your property:

    1. First impressions are important. When a prospective buyer comes to visit your home, the first thing they will see is your front door! Ensure that it is freshly painted and clean. Also, be sure that your lawn and landscaping are trimmed and well manicured, and that your yard is free of debris and leaves. In winter, be certain to remove ice and snow from walkways and steps.
    2. What you show is what you get. Faded paint on walls and worn woodwork significantly reduce the appeal of your home. Why try to sell a prospect what your home could look like... when you can show them! By investing a reasonable amount in redecorating, like a coat of paint in the kitchen or bathroom, you will obtain a quicker sale and at a higher price.
    3. Be meticulous.The fine detail is what stands out from the general aspect of a property. Take the time needed to verify the functionality of doors, windows and drawers, and do some repairs, if necessary.
    4. From top to bottom.Display your attic, basement and other utility space (including crawl spaces) by removing all unnecessary items. A coat of paint can do wonders if your basement is dark and dreary.
    5. Closets and storage units.Make them look bigger by having them neat and well organized to show that your home has ample closet space.
    6. Bathrooms sell homes.Make these rooms sparkle! Check and repair any damaged or discoloured caulking in the bathtubs and showers, and be sure that the towels and area rugs have been freshly cleaned.
    7. Shine on.Your home's lighting can be a "welcome" sign to that prospective buyer! Turn on all of your outside and inside lights when showing your home at night. A buyer will feel a warming glow as a result!
    8. Music soothes the savage beast.But not the potential buyer. When showing your home, turn off the radio or television. Let the broker and buyer talk freely and not be distracted. Be courteous and friendly, but don't try to "force" conversation with a potential buyer. Remember, a buyer is there to inspect and visit your home.
    9. Keep your pet safe.A dog is "man's best friend", but not when showing your home. Keep all pets out of the way and not underfoot.
    10. Stay in the background. The broker knows the buyer's needs and desires and can better emphasize the virtues of your home when you're not "tagging along". If there are any questions, he will call you. Trying to sell the prospective purchaser any of the furniture or furnishings you're not taking with you, before they've purchased your home, can often lose the sale... so "settle back" while the broker shows your home.

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