1. Before starting to visit properties, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for. Start by writing down everything that you would like to have in your new home. Once that is done, list all of your criteria in order of priority. We advise our clients to bring us this list because it helps us create a search that truly applies to their needs. Please view our «Real Estate Alert» form to send us your list of criteria.
  2. Once you have a good idea of exactly what you are looking for, it’s time to meet with your mortgage broker. It is very important to establish a budget with him before you start your visits. We always ask our clients to obtain a pre-approval from their mortgage broker. That way, once we find your dream home, we are ready to make an offer. Furthermore, a pre-approval will often give the buyers a certain advantage during the negotiation process.Subsequently, using your list of criteria, we will create a search for you that corresponds to your specific needs and budget.
  3. We are now officially ready to start visiting. Here are a few tips to take into consideration while visiting a property:Noise: Are the walls soundproof? Does the noise in the surrounding area correspond to your level of tolerance? Is there a bus stop nearby? A passage for heavy weight vehicles? A bar or a restaurant? Open the windows, stand outside and take a moment to analyse the situation. Is it a noisy environment?Odors and humidity: Are there particular odors? Do you notice any signs of excessive humidity? Are there water stains under the windows or on the walls? Can you smell odors of humidity or mold? Are there any apparent signs of water infiltration?Ventilation: Is there a ventilation system in the kitchen and in the bathroom? Is the ventilation system connected to an exterior output? Do the grids of ventilation system appear to be clean? Is the ventilation system too noisy for you?Renovations and maintenance: Renovations and maintenance: Are the windows in good condition? Do they open properly? Is the roof in good condition? Have the owners done any important renovations? What are the costs of electricity?

    Natural light and storage: Do you feel like there’s enough daylight in the property? Is there enough storage?

    Health: Is this property adequate for the health of your family? For example, do any of your family members suffer from severe allergies? If so, a house with carpets might not be right for them.

    Rest assured, we will be by your side throughout all the visits to help you make a wise and well thought out decision.

  4. We’ve found your dream home!It’s now time to write an offer. The purchase of a home is often a lot more complicated than we think. There are numerous procedures, legal documents and conditions to realise: the promise to purchase, the counter-offers, the different annexes, the conditions we need to include for your protection, the inspection, the financing, the strict deadlines, the analysis of the certificate of location, the date of occupation, etc...The legal aspect of the transaction is very rigorous and extremely important. We will handle all of the paperwork and represent you when dealing with the sellers and their broker during the negotiation process. For the majority of owners, the sale of their home is a very emotional matter. This is why it is preferable to have a neutral intermediate to represent you. Not everyone is an expert negotiator! In order to master the art of negotiation, we have completed a university course and numerous trainings.These trainings are now backed-up by hundreds of transactions which we have concluded. Our goal is to get you the best price and the best conditions which respond to your needs and match your personal objectives.
  5. Your offer has been accepted... what’s next:The home inspection:we advise all our clients to make an offer which is conditional to a home inspection done by a professional home inspector. The deadline for the inspection is usually 7 days and it is the buyers who bear the cost. It is preferable for both the buyers and the sellers to be present for the inspection and, of course, we will be there too! Following the inspection, we take the time to analyse the inspection report with our clients. If a problem occurs, our experience and knowledge in the field will help to find a solution so that the transaction can be realised. Sometimes though, cancelling the transaction is inevitable.The financing: the buyers usually have a 10-12 day deadline to provide the sellers with a written agreement from a financial institution.The realisation of other conditions: Tsome offers may be conditional to other considerations, such as the sale of the buyer’s home. In any case, will we be there to guide you through all the steps until the conclusion of the purchase of your home.
  6. Following the transaction, as a RE/MAX broker we offer all of our clients a free protection program which aims to protect your real-estate transactions and cover most of the unexpected events that can occur during the sale of a property. Click on the following link to know more on our protection program TRANQUILLI-T

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